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Straw by Straw

Every year, billions of real straws grow around the globe, in the nature.

Why use plastic straws
If there are real straws?
Available from €21,75!

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paper straws

Stronger than paper straws

Our straws last almost forever in every liquid. They don't get soggy and you won't get pieces of straws while you drink.

plastic straws

Smoother than plastic straws

With their natural structure, our straws feel soft and smooth while you drink.

PLA straws

Super compostable

Whereas PLA and sugar cane straws need industrial installations to biodegrade, our straws just need nature. Simply because they're 100% natural.

Available from €21,75!

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Straw by Straw

Natural. Strong. Biodegradable.

Available from €21,75!

100% simply just a... Straw straw

Straw by Straw is not just another alternative to plastic straws. 100% designed by nature, Straw Straws are eco friendly. Beautiful. Natural. Present your drinks in an organic way. Light. Strong. Chic. Becoming plastic free is easier than you think.

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Real Eco-Friendly

Grown in nature, our straws are 100% natural with nothing else added. No industrial installations needed to biodegrade.

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Before 12:00, same day shipment

You don't have to wait any longer. Morning orders are shipped in the afternoon, the same day! (as long as we're not sold out)

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Save money with the Straw Service

Save time, save money! Every 3 months we'll ship your eco straws, based on how many straws you need or use every month.

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Bulk prices available from 6 boxes!

Do you need more than 2.500 eco-friendly straws? Fill in this form to request bulk wholesale prices. Get your VAT and Chamber of Commerce number ready!

Straw by Straw packaging

Authentically natural

The perfect combination of a neutral taste,
natural golden glow
and a soft but strong structure
makes every drink experience exquisite.

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Straw Straws service

Get your box with 500 straws or choose a subscription. With our Straw straws service you'll receive your straws every 3 months. But you are still in control over your own straws because you can pause it any time you need!

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Straw by Straw packaging

Fighting plastics with agricultural waste

Our straws are simply just straws, therefore biodegradable and easily compostable. 

Ending up in the environment is harmless. Instead they serve as nutrients for the Earth. 



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